e-LIFE: Logistic plan to Integrate Tech Curriculum, Focus Instruction, and Engage Learners

One of the largest STEM employers in the country, Crane NSWC, is located in Martin County. Many of the graduates of Shoals Jr./Sr. High School work there. Current students will work there in the future. How can the school corporation meet the needs of 21st Century skills for the job industry that exists in this area?

Our school has made a commitment to wisely staging a 1:1 implementation plan that will evolve over the next 4 years. Our project is a multi-tiered professional development plan focused on teacher and student empowerment, access, and curriculum integration. Specific PD themes include Google integration, classroom management software, digital textbook creation, and a widespread data management system. The aforementioned focus points are our exact goals today, and advanced technology opportunities will help us achieve these goals even further.

The technology leadership team shares the vision to learn more from corporations in our area who are successfully utilizing digital devices and curriculum. Partnering with outside sources who will upgrade our network and Wi-Fi capabilities will enable classrooms to expand their use of technology. Providing teachers with professional development to integrate technology into the curriculum. Pedagogical and technological shifts will occur over a four-year timeline. Our planning phrase for technological innovations began in 2012. Since our staff has spent this time gathering information and participating in quality professional development, our students will benefit and truly be college and career ready when they move beyond Shoals Community School Corporation.

The next challenge is to meet our students on their turf...the digital turf. They are yearning for us to incorporate digital learning into our classrooms with 1:1 devices, which will allow them unparalleled access to places, cultures, and history outside of Martin County.

Mission Statement:

The Shoals Community School Corporation, hereinafter referred to as Corporation, exists to meet the individual education needs of the children of the community by providing a program to develop the skills necessary to earn a living and to enjoy a high quality of life. The Corporation shall develop and maintain a standard of excellence in its education program and maintain a high level of expectation ensuring each student receives the best education possible, within the financial constraints of the Board of School Trustees.

Technology Vision Statement:

The technology vision statement for Shoals Community School Corporation is to plan, implement, support and sustain effective use of technology to achieve educational goals and implement state standards. The integration of effective use of technology into the academic curriculum at all grade levels will allow students and staff to achieve their maximum potential. Technology integration will result in significant improvements in the quality of digital publications, Project Lead the Way, AP Calculus and AP History, and math or reading comprehension. Teachers and staff will be in-serviced about technology upgrades, the use of equipment, distance learning, video streaming, and software apps or programs. Acuity software will provide data about strengths and weaknesses in individual student achievement as well as assigning individual online remediation instruction which will improve student achievement. Harmony will provide data software banks for attendance, grade books, schedules, and student contact information. The student data system will assist in parent involvement through e-mail, online lesson plans and online student progress reports.

Goal: Continue Project Lead The Way to the Shoals Jr./Sr. High School Curriculum.

1) Purchase equipment and software needed to continue a PLTW class program.
2) Partner with Loogootee High School for mentorship and leadership in the PLTW implementation.
3) Purchase a 3-D printer for PLTW.
4) Plan to continue adding additional courses in subsequent years until the complete PLTW program is in place at Shoals.
5) Send the PLTW teacher to robotic summer in-service and add a robotic component to PLTW.

1) Continue to implement new courses in Project Lead The Way at Shoals Jr./Sr. High School until the full course is in place..
2) Offer students at Shoals Jr./Sr. High School the opportunity to enroll in Project Lead The Way to prepare them for future careers.
3) Plan to send the PLTW instructor to summer in-service for Jr. High classes and expand the curriculum to grades 7 and 8.

Another year of the PLTW series was implemented at Shoals Jr./Sr. High School in 2012-2013.
A 3-D printer was purchased for Project Lead The Way by a grant the corporation received from the Martin County Community Foundation.
The Project Lead The Way instructor attended a summer workshop on Robotics during 2014.

Goal: Hire an outside source to conduct an audit or the school network and recommend what needs to be upgraded to make the system reliable for a 1:1 technology upgrade.

1) Obtain estimates for the cost of an audit of the technology network in the corporation and study the results of what needs to be added and upgraded.
2) Figure the cost of making the network compatible for implementation of a 1:1 technology upgrade.
3) Seek sources of funding to pay for the upgrades including grants and donations.
4) Study the feasibility of making the upgrades with money in the corporation budget.
5) Set a timeline for upgrades and cost.

Survey teachers, parents, students and staff about their experiences with the school network to study problems that are occurring.
Survey teachers about devices they would like to use in the classroom.
Survey students about what devices they currently own and use.
Survey students and parents about internet connectivity to determine how many people live in a dead zone.

All teachers in the Shoals Community School Corporation received an i-Pad in the summer of 2012. In-service days were held to teach them how to use the device. Teachers attended an two-day i-Pad app training at SIEC in June and/or a two-day Rose-Prism moodle training at SIEC in June.

Goal: The corporation technology committee will study the feasibility of incorporating a 1:1 technology system.

1) Set up professional development through the Shoals Elementary Technology Committee and the Shoals High School Technology Committee to provide teachers with ideas about new ways of thinking of teaching with technology.
2) Develop a policy of digital citizenship for the students and staff.
3) Develop a new curriculum design which will include technology and digital device use in the classroom on a daily basis.
4) Study moving mindsets as teachers develop authentic assess-ments for the digital shift in instruction.
5) Set a timeline for in-service and purchase of various devices for teachers to use as part of the professional development.
3) Train the staff on how to use the new system.
4) Maintain the system.

Technology Committee members will sign up for DOE technology classes offered through Five Star and share information with staff.
Introduction to Blended and Online Teaching and Technology Integration 101 articles and links will be shared with staff.
Priority list of steps to follow to change mindsets and climate of classrooms with 1:1 technology integration.
Set up sub-committees to study various online communities, software, My Big Campus, and other possibilities.
Survey staff on what devices they would like to learn more about and perhaps implement into their classrooms.
Initiate parent involvement in evening meetings and discussions about the implementation of 1:1 technology to promote community support and alleviate fears.
Set up new policies and handbook rules for digital classrooms including digital citizenship and behavior with 1:1 devices.

The phone telecommunication system has been implemented.

Goal: Provide in-service to the staff on various 1:1 devices and allow them to visit schools in the area that have implemented the devices into their curriculum.

1) Purchase various 1:1 devices for teachers to use in professional development to see what they would like to use in their classrooms.
2) In-service the staff on the use of the devices.
3) Allow teachers to attend conferences about i-Pad apps, blended teaching, classroom management with digital devices, and other relevant topics.
4) Allow teachers to attend ICE Conferences and/or HECC Conferences.
5) Allow teachers to visit schools in the area which have successfully implemented digital classrooms or are using a device that the teacher(s) would like to learn more about.
3) Implement use of the system.
4) Maintain and upgrade the system.

Teachers will share information they obtain with other staff members.
Teachers will model the use of the device to in-service other staff members.
Survey teachers to see what devices they would like to implement into their classroom curriculum.
Keep a log of which online communities (English Companion Ning, etc.), software, websites (My Big Campus) and devices that teachers are proficient in using so that they may in-service others about those areas.
Technology Committee Members will in-service other teachers about how to use devices the committee has studied.


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